“Simple Furigana” 振仮名 App.

“Simple Furigana” app is for adding furigana to Japanese text.   “Hiragana” is the cursive-script for Japanese; whereas, “Katakana” is the non-cursive Japanese script.  Just as the English language has two scripts: “cursive (handwritten)”  and “non-cursive (print-script); the Japanese language uses “both script” within the same text. “Furigana” is the term for “Hiragana” written above … Continue reading “Simple Furigana” 振仮名 App.

Japanese Postpositions ("Joshi" 助詞 Particle).

   Andrew Nelson, “Japanese-English Character Dictionary (Revised Edition), 1997 was the topic of an earlier blog post. Syntax elements of: 1. noun, 2. pronoun, 3. verb, 4. adverb, 5. adjective, 6. interjection, 7. conjunction, and 8. preposition are common to both Japanese and English. Syntax element 9. “postposition” is an essential part of Japanese grammar.  … Continue reading Japanese Postpositions ("Joshi" 助詞 Particle).

John Pemberton, “Coca-Cola: Syrup and Extract”, 1886.

John L. Pemberton, “Coca-Cola”, 1886 said in the below quotation: “This ‘Intellectual Beverage’ and ‘Temperance Drink’ contains the valuable Tonic and Nerve Stimulant properties of the Coca plant and Cola (or Kola) nuts …” “Increase trade at your fountain by dispensing the delicious, refreshing beverage Coca-Cola” (is the quote below).  Cocaine dispensing soda fountains to increase … Continue reading John Pemberton, “Coca-Cola: Syrup and Extract”, 1886.