“Pokémon”, (Season 1, Episode 38), 16 December 1997.

Michael Crichton, “The Terminal Man”, 1972 was the topic of an earlier blog post on epilepsy science fiction. Here I present “Pokémon” (Season 1, Episode 38) aired on 16 December 1997 by TV Tokyo. After 20 minutes into the “Pokémon” cartoon, viewers “photosensitive” to epilepsy went into seizures. The strobe light viewing at 12Hz for … Continue reading “Pokémon”, (Season 1, Episode 38), 16 December 1997.


Hemoglobin is a protein normally in the blood at concentrations of 12-20 grams per deciliter. The erythrocyte (red blood cell, RBC) are one of the 211 cell types in a human body. The RBC cytoplasm dry-weight is 90% hemoglobin. For “cellular combustion” of metabolites, oxygen is transported from the lungs by hemoglobin. The diagram below … Continue reading “Hemoglobin”