Casimir Funk, “The Vitamines”, 1922.

Casimir Funk, “The Vitamines”, 1922 was a nonfiction science book. Casimir Funk was the discoverer of niacin (vitamin B-3). The term “vitamin” used popularly today, was coined by Casimir Funk in his “theory of vital-amines”. The term today is in English “vitamin”. The niacin molecule that Casimir Funk discovered is shown below. Continue reading Casimir Funk, “The Vitamines”, 1922.

Biochemical Pathways The above hyperlinks will be used in this website to discuss Recipes Periodicity. The front side is a map from A1 to L10. The grid is good for locating enzymes. The pathways are connected metabolites. The back side is map from M1 to V10. This side is cellular processes. This reduces biochemistry to … Continue reading Biochemical Pathways